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Retreat days designed just for YOU

 Don't have time to spend all weekend or all week at a retreat.

Struggling to find the $2000+ for a weekend away.

Has the past 2 years worn you down mentally and physically and you need to chill with like minded people at the RIGHT PRICE...


Our retreat day is perfect for you.

We are offering custom retreat days to bring your corporate team, a group of friends or your gym buddies.

Design your own special day or a few hours to unwind.


Day Retreat

5.5 hours of pure indulgence.

Experience all the highlights of a retreat in one afternoon

- 60 min Breathwork Sound healing journey

- Zen Thai Shiatsu Massage

- Infrared Sauna

- Magnesium Pool

- The cold plunge - Ice bath

- Ion foot detox spa

- Full body plus face mud mask whilst grounding

- Full body skin exfoliation scrub

- Quiet Reflection time

- Amazing Organic lunch with

revitalizing teas and kombucha


2022 dates

March 6th Sunday

March 20th Sunday

11am - 5.15 pm


Corporate Day Retreat

  • Bring your team for a mental health day.

  • Reward your staff for completeing a project

  • Bring calm and serenity to your team

  • Team building workshop 


Gym Challenge Reward party

  •  Part of a 6 or 8 week challenge

  • Reward your challengers with a custom made recovery session half way through or at the end of challenge.

  • Incorporate Sauna, Ice bath, Massage, Breathwork. 

  • Packages from 2 hrs to 5 hrs 

Photo 16-10-21, 4 09 47 pm.jpg

Girls chill day

  •  Bring a group of friends and chill out with a custom made package to suit your party.

  •  Come out feeling alive, chilled and relaxed.

  •  You choose what activities you would like.

  • Mud scrub, Skin scrub, Foot spa, Massage, Magnesium pool, Sauna, Ice Bath.   

The Body Retreat Day.00_10_28_10.Still017.jpg
Oxygen advantage training session with ice bath and sauna

2.5 hr workshop teaching you the benefits of breathwork and cold immersion.

Includes introduction to Oxygen Advantage, Breathwork session, Sauna and Ice bath

May 14th Saturday

2pm - 5pm