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Sally Misso Dymond



Sally Dymond a highly respected allied therapist. Sally has been involved with natural health for

31 years. Her experience with athletes is world class having spent 5 years as head therapist on the WTA tennis circuit, she has worked with the Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Sonics NBA, Brisbane Broncos and travelled to China with the Australian Race Walking team. She has spent decades treating humans with health conditions of all levels from aches and pains to terminal patients.


Sally's thirst for knowledge has her always studying and learning more. As a representative on ASEA medical board she is a world authority on Redox technology and loves to share many different ways of how changing just one thing can and will change your life.

Sally started The Body Specialist in 2005. This clinic specialising in taking care of your body.  Most important is getting you moving freely again.

In this specialist treatment facility we focus on treating sports pain and injuries, work-related injuries, neck and back pain, and chronic body aches.


Sally has spent decades searching and studying alternate medical treatments and health. Always on the forefront of what is coming out and always updating her technology, techniques and continually training in new modalities. 


One of the key differences in treatment at the body specialist is individualised attention and everyone is treated with a unique treatment session. 

In 2020 Sally took a year off to recalibrate, rest and rejuvenate. It was a fun year with lots of travel and learning new things. Sally immersed herself in cold water and made a commitment to swim every day in the cold water at the beach. As one of her trips was to NZ she found herself swimming in lake Wanaka in -1C. Some would say 'crazy' but it opened a whole new world of challenge and health practices that she now still practices daily and wants to encourage those with health issues to embrace.


It awakens the immune system and stimulates your entire body from the mitochondria through your circulation system and activates your hormones. This has led to Sally purchasing the first Cold plunge pool into Australia so that everyone can benefit from this treatment. The beauty now is that we can adjust the temperature from 3 deg to 40. (yes it becomes a hot tub too !).

During this year off sally also studied Personalised Health coaching incorporating relationships and parenting courses. This in-depth study utilizes a highly advanced system which encompasses genetic mapping and ancestry information to determine your health type. Finally a system that tells us what to eat, when to eat, how to exercise, and most importantly when to exercise.  Understanding this information is life changing to not only your waist line but to your energy levels as well. 

In 2021 Sally has studied Oxygen Advantage and will be offering small group breathing classes to help you understand the power of the breath and how harnessing it and practicing simple techniques will forever change your energy, sleep, and mood. But most importantly give you the tools you need for when life becomes stressful and you become anxious. 

Infrared Sauna and Ice Baths have become a regular life changing part of Sally's routine for the past several years and now we have a beautiful facility with top of the range sauna and ice bath so you can now enjoy those same benefits that Sally has seen over the past few years.


You can only heal when you make the decision to heal.

Your body does the healing we simply give your body permission and connect the dots for you.

Connect with us and let us show you how quickly you can heal.

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