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Unplug and Relax surrounded by like minded people and learn from the experts. 

Each retreat is unique and different. Our aim is to take you on a journey back to health and have you experience what it feels like to be grounded, still, calm and relaxed.

When your body can move freely and your mind is calm from the noise your body can heal.

We incorporate powerful breathwork sessions, detox protocols of ion foot spa, detoxing mud clay wraps and skin scrubs. 

Amazing massages with Zen Thai Shiatsu, Kahuna or Deep body work.

Sweat out the toxins in our infrared sauna and plunge into the icy cold plunge pool.

Relax with a delicious organic lunch and detox tea and kombucha.

Nov 19th 2023

Tropical Leaves

Are you ready ?
It's your turn to 
Experience a Detox Retreat Day

The Body Retreat Day

The Body Retreat Day

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The Body Specialist is highly trained in Remedial Massage, Sports massage and biofeedback devices.

Being the most experienced Scenar/Physiokey practice in Brisbane we use a combination of Scenar and Key Therapy and Remedial/Sports massage to quickly restore your body.

If you are experiencing acute or chronic pain we can help you.

Unlike most therapies that focus treatment on the pain.

We focus on where your body NEEDS treatment.


We will quickly identify where the blocks or dysfunction is within the spine or extremeties.

3-5 sessions will resolve most conditions